Video Conferencing is the latest in the Communication Technology which is most advanced & effective way of communicating Face-to-Face anywhere across the Globe. Now a days Video Conferencing is used extensively for Business Meetings, Seminars, Presentations, Interviews, Workshops, Training, Board Meetings, Group Discussions etc.

Video Conferencing can be done either on ISDN Lines and on IP (Internet Bandwidth). Crystal clear transmission of Audio and Video in Full Duplex Mode make the Conference Live in Real time. Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point Video Conferences gives unmatched satisfaction & results in a great success.

Video conferencing - Reduces Travel Costs, Saves Time, Improves Communications Skill, makes it Effective and brings the two end closer, different parties geographically located at two different places far off from each other.

Note - There is a vast difference between Web Conferencing (Web Chatting) and Video Conferencing. Do not get confused.

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