Polycom HDX 4000

Polycom HDX 4000 - The Ultimate in Executive Desktop Communication for High Definition Video Conferencing, Audio, and Content Sharing.

Performance - engineered to deliver high-definition video and audio, the Polycom HDX 4000 desktop video conferencing series redefines the personal communication experience. Merging an extraordinary degree of visual and acoustic clarity with powerful functionality, the HDX 4000 series brings unprecedented immediacy to video conferences, audio interactions, and content exchanges.

The Polycom HDX 4000 series is clearly the best video solution for nearly any application - from executive meetings to disaster recovery. It delivers the richest audio, clearest and sharpest video, most transparent technology, and easiest to use interface, all enhanced by world-class service and support.

Polycom HDX 4000 Highlights

High definition video - Natural communications with 1280 x 720 at 30fps (720p). Exceptional video resolution even at lower data rates.

High definition voice - Polycom Siren™ 22 technology provides true high fidelity stereo audio.

High definition content - Share HD content - from presentations to multimedia demonstrations.

Share content - Polycom HDX series supports standards-based People+Content™ content sharing technology. Optional People On Content™ collaboration technology allows participants to integrate themselves into presentations.

Large HD Display - 20.1" widescreen display for compelling presentations and life-like video conferences.

Powerful HD Audio - Powerful built-in speakers and superior microphone technology for rich stereo surround.

Embedded multipoint - An optional 4-way embedded multipoint bridge for greater flexibility in large conferences.

Flexible connectivity - Optional network interfaces for easy access to your BRI, PRI or V.35 network.

Polycom Ultimate HD™ solution - The HDX series integrates easily with the Polycom RMX product line for high definition video bridging. The RSS™ 2000 recording and streaming server provides high definition capture and playback Effective office communications with the ultimate in desktop audio, video and content

Polycom HDX 4000 Key Features

Polycom HDX 4000 Series desktop solutions come in two models: Polycom HDX 4002™ and Polycom HDX 4001™

All models deliver the highest quality voice, video and content sharing available in the market today.

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