AC100 Outdoor Subscriber Unit

The AC-100 SU (Subscriber Unit) / CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) series is a set of high-performance 802.11 standards based Wireless Access. Subscriber unit that can be used for Direct Wireless Access from a home or business location or in a Campus Wireless Distribution System.

The AirClient 100 CPE is offered in two versions :-

AC-100 HP AC-100 HP AC-100 SP Ac-100 SP
  • High throughput of 40 Mbps

  • Long distance connectivity up to 100Km

  • High Reliability with guaranteed throughput

  • CSMA/TDMA Technology

  • Link Aggregation Technology

  • Advanced Security: WEP, TKIP and AES

  • Buzzer signal alignment indicator

  • Operating frequency 5400~5875 MHz


Air Client - 100 - Subscriber Unit or CPE 802.11 a/b/g

It uses Brovis Wireless Networks’ innovative EXOR (Extended Outdoor Range) technology to provide plug and play NLOS (Non Line of Sight) capabilities in rough terrains.

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