VoiceStation Series

Sound Station2 Series VTX Series SoundStation IP Series
VoiceStation 300
A less expensive multi person conference phone. Ideal for offices or small conference rooms.
The SoundStation2, Polycom's next generation conference phone redefines the standard for business quality voice conferencing.
Remarkable voice quality. The new standard for everyday audio conferencing.
SoundStation IP7000
Astounding voice quality and clarity from the world's most advanced IP conference phone.
VoiceStation 500
Bluetooth-enabled voice conferencing designed for offices and small meeting spaces.
Non-Exp w/display
  SoundStation IP6000
Next-generation IP conference phone designed for small to midsize rooms.
Exp w/display
  SoundStation IP4000
The clear SIP conferencing solution.
  SoundStation2W w/display
Polycom’s wireless conference phone that gives users the freedom to conference anywhere—even in rooms without phone lines.
The Polycom® QSX allows users to instantly share a live view of a computer screen with remote locations, simply by dialing a Polycom® conference phone. It's an easy and secure screen sharing solution that anyone can use. There's no need to learn new applications, upload documents, pay monthly service fees or handle pre-schedule challenges.


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