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The Voice

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The Voice™ is a professional audio conferencing system that is ideal for remote group meetings.

It can be connected to any analog telephone line or EPBX extension.

With the optional digital adapter it can also be connected to digital PBX,

The Voice’s full-duplex sound provides for excellent voice transmission, with echo cancellation and noise suppression features.

The Voice is available in three configurations. -

  1. The standard configuration runs over Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN).

  2. The Voice Plus adds a display and infrared remote control.

  3. The Voice ISDN provides ISDN support.

Highest Quality - Clear, full-duplex sound quality for natural conversation in conference rooms of all sizes

Elegant - Unobtrusive, yet attractively designed, The Voice unit fits in any conference

Sensitive Microphones - 3 built-in microphones plus 2 optional external microphones provide greater audio coverage.

Full-duplex - Provides full-duplex, interactive operation for “hands-free” natural conversation.

Intuitive and easy to use - The built-in phonebook holds 100 numbers. The telephone dial pad includes a user-friendly menu

Automatic Gain Control - For easier listening, this feature minimizes extreme variations in volume.


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